InSecTT - Intelligent Secure Trustable Things

Project Number
Total Budget: €44.8M / EU Contribution: €11.5M
36 Months
Project Status


InSecTT - Intelligent Secure Trustable Things, a pan-European effort with 53 key partners from 12 countries (EU and Turkey), will provide intelligent, secure and trustworthy systems for industrial applications to provide comprehensive cost-efficient solutions of intelligent, end-to-end secure, trustworthy connectivity and interoperability to bring the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence together. InSecTT aims at creating trust in AI-based intelligent systems and solutions as a major part of the AIoT.

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InSecTT has a consortium of 51 partners from 12 countries.

Contribution of MInD-NET (Marmara University)

The VeNIT Lab team at Marmara University is responsible for various tasks related to AI, IoT, and Wireless Networks. Below are their main responsibilities:

  • AI on application level, explainable and traceable AI.
  • AI on communication level
  • AI on computational level
  • Dependable wireless communication
  • Real-time monitoring and response
  • Verification, validation, accountability

Marmara University and Assoc.Prof. Mujdat Soyturk are the Country Coordinator for InSecTT Project.

Assoc.Prof. Mujdat Soyturk is also Technical Board Chair of InSecTT Project acting as the lead architect in InSecTT.

Solutions and products developed by Marmara University - VeNIT Lab will be integrated and demonstrated in the following use cases/application areas.

  • Wireless Platooning based on AI-enhanced 5G (V2X and Connected Cars)
  • Wireless Security Testing Environment for Smart IoT (V2X and Connected Cars)
  • Intelligent wireless for port cross-domain applications (V2X and Connected Cars)
  • Cybersecurity in Manufacturing
  • Smart Airport (V2X and Connected Cars)